Back to School Bus Tour visits SBA!

On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 SBA welcomed Sue Swenson, Acting Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), Ruth Ryder, Acting Director, Office of Special Education Programs, along with some personnel from CAST, including Dr. David Rose who first defined the UDL framework—recognizing that the way individuals learn can be unique.  Superintendent Kelly and Assistant Superintendent Mokaba were also able to spend part of their morning with us. The visit by the US Department of Education and CAST is part of the US Department of Ed’s Back to School Bus Tour and SBA is one of only two MA K-12 school they visited.  During their visit they were able to visit several classroom and were very impressed with our students and what they saw.  Thank you to Sarah Gregory, Stacie Colella, Brandon Pezzuto, Brianna Lane and Danny Gallucci for opening their classrooms.  Thank you to Christine Gray for organizing and hosting the visit.  #sbapride

Take a look at some pictures from the #opportunitytour by clicking here!

Here’s a link  if you’d like to read more about #opportunitytour:

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Text from Automated Call 9.6.16

Good Evening.  This is Joanne Willett, calling from the SBA with a  few important reminders.  Meet the Teacher Night will be held tomorrow evening, Wednesday, September 7th,  from 4:10 – 5:50pm. An invitation along with a copy of your child’s schedule was sent home this afternoon.

Join us in the auditorium at 4:10 for a brief welcome by Administration and our first PTO meeting.  At his time you will have the opportunity to become a member of the PTO, volunteer for events, and hear about upcoming events for the year.  MTTN is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers and receive important information regarding their course of study at SBA.  It is my hope that you will find the evening informative and enjoyable. I look forward to welcoming you to SBA.  Doors open at 4:05pm.

Lifetouch, our school photographer, will be here on Friday, September 9th  for picture day!  Friday is an Optional Non Uniform Day.  Students will be allowed the option of wearing non-uniform clothing. HOWEVER, clothing must be within the RPS Dress Code Policy. The picture order form will be sent home on Wednesday.

Again, I look forward to welcoming you to SBA tomorrow evening, Wednesday, September 7th   for Meet the Teacher Night.  Doors open at 4:05p..  The text from this message along with other important information can be found on our website. Thank you and have a good evening.

Buena noches. Esta es Joanne Willett, llamando desde la SBA con algunos recordatorios importantes. Cumplir con la Noche Maestro se llevará a cabo mañana por la noche, miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 4:10-17:50. Una invitación junto con una copia del horario de su hijo fue enviado a casa esta tarde.

Únase a nosotros en el auditorio a las 4:10 para una breve bienvenida por la Administración y nuestra primera reunión de PTO. A su vez tendrá la oportunidad de convertirse en un miembro de la toma de fuerza, de voluntarios para eventos, y escuchar acerca de los próximos eventos para el año. MTTN es una maravillosa oportunidad para conocer a los maestros de su hijo y reciba información importante con respecto a su curso de estudio en la SBA. Es mi esperanza que se encuentra la noche informativa y agradable. Estoy deseando darle la bienvenida a la SBA. Las puertas se abren a las 4:05 h.

Lifetouch, nuestro fotógrafo de la escuela, estará aquí el viernes, 9 de septiembre por el día de fotos! El viernes es un día para no uniforme opcional. Los estudiantes se les permitirá la opción de usar ropa no uniforme. SIN EMBARGO, la ropa debe estar dentro de las normas de vestir RPS. El formulario de orden de la imagen será enviada a casa el miércoles.Una vez más, espero darle la bienvenida a la SBA mañana por la noche, miércoles, 7 º de septiembre por la noche Meet Maestro. Las puertas se abren a las 4: 05p .. El texto de este mensaje junto con otros datos de interés se pueden encontrar en nuestra página web. Gracias y que tenga una buena tarde.

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Life Touch – Picture Day 9.9.16 (Optional Non-Uniform Day)

Life Touch photographers will be at SBA on Friday, September 9th to photograph all students.  Students may purchase a photo package.  Order forms will be sent home on Wednesday, 9/7.  You can also order photos on line by visiting  and entering the school Picture Day ID:  OB016024Q0

Friday will be a non-uniform day.  Students will have the option of wearing non-uniform clothing on Friday, September 9th provided it is within the RPS Dress Code.  (no leggings, jeggings, stretch pants, yoga pants, etc.)

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