April Showers Brings May Flowers Calendar Fundraiser – WINNERS!

Sunday, May 1st – Carolina Bettero (sold by Carolina Bettero)
Monday, May 2nd – Lauren Mosca
Tuesday, May 3rd – Patty Gallucci
Wednesday, May 4th – Carol White
Thursday, May 5th – Heather D’Ambrosio
Friday, May 6th – Dino Vaitis (sold by Angelice Leng)
Saturday, May 7th –  Denise Wallace (sold by Gianna Chianca)
Sunday, May 8th –  Michael Chianca (sold by Gianna Chianca)
Monday, May 9th –  Kelly Martins (sold by Isabella DiToni)
Tuesday, May 10th – Cindy (sold by Sean Horgan)
Wednesday, May 11th – Joyce Horgan (sold by Sean Horgan)
Thursday, May 12th – Jonathan Descoteaux (sold by Antonio DeCicco)
Friday, May 13th – Connor Daly (sold by Dania Kenny)
Saturday, May 14th- Anu Prajapati (sold by Angelice Leng)
Sunday, May 15th – Greg Lamothe
Monday, May 16th – Ashley Waterberg
Tuesday, May 17th – Ann McLaughlin
Wednesday, May 18th – Anu Prajapati
Thursday, May 19th- Stacey Wallace (sold by Gianna Chianca)
Friday, May 20th – Adiela Arcila (sold by Daniel Jimenez)
Saturday, May 21st – Alaine Sedelena (sold by Sean Horgan)
Sunday, May 22nd – Julie Battalana (sold by Antonio Decicco-Clyne)
Monday, May 23rd – Donna Oliveiro
Tuesday, May 24th – Henry Boyd (sold by Anthony Boyd)
Wednesday, May 25th – Sandy Woodman (sold by Sean Horgan)
Thursday, May 26th – Susan Dubone (sold by Carolina Bettero)
Friday, May 27th – 
Saturday, May 28th – 
Sunday, May 29th – 
Monday, May 30th – 
Tuesday, May 31st – 

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Letter to 8th Grade Families Regarding End of Year Activities

Dear 8th Grade Parents and Guardians,                                                                                                              

As our 8th Grade students look forward to high school, it is important that we maintain responsibility and academic success.  We’re excited to share some upcoming 8th grade events with you:

8th Grade Dance, Thursday, June 2nd , 6PM – 9PM – Kowloon Restaurant, 948 Broadway (Route 1) Saugus. 

Parents are responsible for all transportation and students are required to be dropped off and picked up by an adult.  Tickets are $20 (students with financial concerns should see Mrs. Willett) and must be purchased in school prior to the event. This is not a prom!  It is imperative that parents assist us in the following items:

  • Only SBA 8th Grade students are allowed.
  • Doors will close for admitting students at 6:30 PM.
  • District policy states no limos for socials.
  • Parents should be at Kowloon to pick up students no later than 8:45 PM and meet them at the door.
  • Students should dress appropriately, males should have a collared shirt, no jeans, and ties are welcome.  Females may wear dresses, and parents should ensure they are age appropriate and not overly revealing.  Students who are deemed not appropriately dressed will have their parents called and sent home.  We need parents to take on the responsibility of managing this issue at home so that there are no issues at the dance.
  • This is an off-site function, students will be representing the Susan B. Anthony Middle School, they must stay in the designated area and any inappropriate behavior will result in parents being called to pick up their child along with possible school consequences.
  • Dismissal of students from school on this day is discouraged, not considered excused, and counts as an absence in period attendance.  District policy states that no student may be dismissed prior to 11:00 AM and participate in any school function on that day.

8th Grade Field Day

The 8th grade Field Day will be held Friday, June 17th at the school.  Students should be prepared for outside activities, hats and sunscreen are highly recommended.  The PTO greatly appreciates donations of water.  If you would like to donate or volunteer to help on June 17th, please contact the main office.

8th Grade Yearbook

The PTO has worked hard to raise funds to defray to cost so that students will only pay a nominal fee of $5 for their copy of the 8th grade yearbook.

8th Grade Awards Ceremony

The 8th grade awards ceremony will be held at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, June 21st in the SBA Gym. Parents and Guardians are invited.

8th grade parent letter 2016

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Help Make National History Day for SBA a Reality!

397-087_NHD_Theme_Logo_FNL-300x300After sweeping local, regional, and  state-wide competitions, TWELVE of our Susan B. Anthony Middle School students have qualified to compete at National History Day in Washington, DC this June!

  These students, all girls, are intelligent, motivated, and excited about learning. Unfortunately, the cost of this opportunity falls squarely on their shoulders. As a school, we are hoping to help their families raise the money to help with registration fees, transportation, and lodging.  We are an urban district, and these costs are intimidating for our kids. This is why we are reaching out to the community: our friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. 

Help us show these girls that being smart is cool; that hard work deserves a reward; that people believe in them. Any amount helps- we would be forever grateful if you could help these  girls create lifetime memories.

Follow this link to donate, of click the GoFundMe widget on the right of this page!

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Freedom Friday 5/6

Freedom Friday 5/6 – students may wear an SBA t-shirt in lieu of uniform polo. Must wear uniform pants.

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