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A community of learners, Susan B. Anthony is committed to building relationships with students and families. Recognized as a leader in utilizing Universal Design practices, the SBA works tomeet each individual student’s learning needs.  Our school uses a universal design approach to learning that supports all students in becoming expert, resourceful, motivated, and strategic learners.


Through universal design, teachers create a framework that enables them to individualize the type of learning material they present to each student and to provide their students with multiple ways to demonstrate what they are learning. Each student is supported by a team of teachers who regularly collaborate to ensure that a student’s academic, as well as social and emotional, needs are being met. 


Students have a voice and choice in their learning through several theme classes, including engineering, science fiction, STEM related to sports, and forensics. Also known for our arts programs, Susan B. Anthony is the only middle school in Revere to offer students an after-school drama club and an opportunity to participate in our live theatrical productions. In addition to this, we offer art and music classes, including a rock band.


At Susan B. Anthony diversity is respected and valued. Here, students feel connected to a community where everyone is welcome. We pledge to provide each of our students with a relevant, rigorous and engaging learning experience that will ready individuals for success in high school, college, career, and community.



Mrs. Willett is the Principal of the Susan B. Anthony Middle School.  Mrs. Willett has earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s of Education from Boston College, and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from Salem State College.  A product of Revere Public Schools, a lifelong resident and homeowner in the City of Revere, Mrs. Willett takes pride in her hometown and the Revere School  Department .  Mrs. Willett began her educational career in 1993 as a middle school math teacher. In addition to teaching middle school math, Mrs. Willett was a math coach and assistant principal before being appointed Principal of the SBA in 2011.

A message from Mrs. Willett

To contact Mrs. Willett with questions and/or concerns please use the following methods below.

phoneSchool Phone: (781) 388-7520 

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Assistant Principals


Ms. McLaughlin is one of two of our assistant principals here at the Susan B. Anthony Middle School. She has been in the Revere Public School System since 2000, first as a Middle School ELA teacher, then a Middle School Literacy Coach, and now as an administrator.  She enjoys developing positive relationships with students, teachers, and families and is deeply committed to helping them reach their varied goals.


To contact Ms. McLaughlin with questions and/or concerns please use the following methods below.

phoneSchool Phone: (781) 388-7520  ext. 54103

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Mr. Lamothe is one of our two assistant principals at the Susan B. Anthony Middle School.  He came to Revere Public Schools in 2015 with a diverse teaching background.  He has taught at the high school level in two different schools specifically designed for students in drug and alcohol abuse recovery and also a school where student had social, emotional and behavior problems as well as learning disabilities.  After moving on from the high school level, Mr. Lamothe taught 7th grade math for 6 years. He believes that all students can be successful if just given the right tools for their educational toolboxes. 


To contact Mr Lamothe with questions and/or concerns please use the following methods below.

phoneSchool Phone: (781) 388-7520 ext. 54104

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Mrs. Imbracsio is our office secretary here at the Susan B. Anthony Middle School. She is here to provide secretarial support to SBA personnel. As well as, communicate information to staff, the public, and other districts regarding Susan B. Anthony Middle School. And to provide information and/or direction as may be requested by the parents/guardians of our SBA students. 


To contact Mrs. Imbracsio with questions and/or concerns please use the following methods listed below.

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