A Message from Dr. Garcia

As we move forward into the future, we envision Revere High School as a place where academic excellence means educating the whole student. Creating conditions conducive to effective teaching and learning where the cognitive, physical, and emotional development of every student is acknowledged and valued remains the centerpiece of our educational philosophy. While we remain committed to high quality, innovation, and rigorous academic standards, we equally understand the complex challenges inner city students bring to school. As a result, we periodically reexamine and adapt our approaches to meet our students’ academic needs more effectively. Our ultimate goal is to create a challenging and supportive milieu that stimulates students’ academic curiosity, as they explore the curriculum. As we pursue those goals, we envision transforming our school into a stimulating learning environment; a crossroad of cultures; a place parents feel their children are safe and can reach their maximum potential; an environment in which all stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, families and the public express satisfaction of working together towards supporting our students.



Dear Parent/Guardian:


The official starting date for the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) State Testing at Revere High School is March 21, 2017. Because MCAS is a graduation requirement, all students must pass it in order to receive a high school diploma.
MCAS is designed to measure the performance of public school students throughout the state. Student’s performance is rooted in three different levels as follows: a) Needs Improvement, b) Proficient, and c) Advanced. MCAS measures students’ skills in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. The scores reflect the overall performance of individual students or groups of students in schools and districts and identify school’s academic strengths and areas in need of improvement. Additionally, the scores allow us to redefine our standards and structure our curriculum and instruction in order to provide struggling students with the skills and knowledge they need in order to reach proficiency.

Click for Schedule English/Spanish here.


Parent Teacher Conference Night

February 23, 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian:

It is difficult to believe that we are already in February and that the school year 2016-2017, which started about five months ago is evolving rapidly and soon graduation will be upon us. That said, on Thursday, March 2nd (4:00 -6:00 p.m.), we will hold our last Parent Teacher Conference Night of the year and look forward to seeing you!

We believe that teacher-parent interaction when properly carried out helps identify potential academic and disciplinary problems early in the process, which can potentially benefit you, your child, andeducators in general. Conversely, we equally understand that the various difficulties that life imposes on you make it difficult for you to engage in your child’s education more meaningfully.

The Parent-Teacher Conference Night provides you an opportunity to discuss any concerns regarding your child’s education by helping mitigate the effects of time constraints and other related work and family matters that affect you, as a parent, in your everyday life. In order to help you prepare for the upcoming event, we recommend that you make a list of potential issues you would like to discuss
beforehand. This will help you stay focused and manage your time in a more constructive manner.

When conferring with teachers, be always confident, cordial, respectful, and open-minded throughout the conference session; bear in mind that teachers are your best allies in the educational process of your child. By sharing honest information with them, you are forging alliances toward ensuring your child’s success!

Important Announcements:
Effective Monday, February 27th, we will no longer accept Red Stickers as replacement for regular IDs. Students who do not have an official school issued ID will need to pick up one in the ID/Chromebook room on the floor near the elevator. We have cut the replacement cost from $5.00 – $3.00 to reduce the financial burden on students. We will add the $3.00 fee in Power School for those students who do not pay the $3.00. We ask that you fully cooperate with us in helping implement this policy in order to establish and maintain the safety and order in our school.

PTO is up and running this year at RHS! Please consider joining this highly committed group of parents. Join the PTO by registering here.

We thank you for entrusting us with the responsibility of educating your child and look forward to seeing you.

Lourenco Garcia
Dr. Lourenço Garcia, Principal

23 de febrero del 2017

Estimado Padre / Tutor:

Es difícil creer que ya es febrero y que el año escolar 2016-2017, que comenzó hace unos cinco meses, está evolucionando rápidamente y que el día de graduación estará prácticamente encima de nosotros. Dicho esto, el jueves 2 de marzo (de 4:00 a 6:00 p.m.), celebraremos nuestra última Noche de Conferencias de Padres y Maestros del año y esperamos verle!

Creemos que cuando la interacción maestro-padre se lleva a cabo correctamente, ayuda a identificar posibles problemas académicos y disciplinarios, lo que podría potencialmente beneficiar a usted, su hijo y educadores en general. Así como también, entendemos que hay adversidades en la vida que pueden obstaculizar su participación en la educación de su hijo de manera más significativa.

La Noche de Conferencias de Padres y Maestros le brinda la oportunidad de discutir cualquier preocupación con respecto a la educación de su hijo, y esto le ayudará a disminuir los efectos de las limitaciones de tiempo y otros asuntos relacionados con el trabajo y la familia que le afectan como padre en su vida cotidiana. Con el fin de ayudarle a prepararse para el próximo evento, le recomendamos que haga de antemano una lista de potenciales problemas que le gustaría discutir. Esto le ayudará a mantenerse enfocado y guiar su tiempo de una manera más constructiva.

Cuando converse con los maestros durante la conferencia, tenga confianza en sí mismo, sea cordial, respetuoso, y esté dispuesto a considerar nuevas ideas. Tenga en cuenta que los maestros son sus mejores aliados en el proceso educativo de su hijo. Al compartir información honesta con ellos, usted está forjando alianzas para asegurar el éxito de su hijo!

Anuncios importantes:
A partir del lunes 27 de febrero, ya no aceptaremos las etiquetas rojas como reemplazo de las identificaciones habituales. Los estudiantes que no tienen una identificación oficial emitida por la escuela tendrán que recoger una en la sala de ID / Chromebook, cerca del ascensor. Hemos reducido el costo de reemplazo de $ 5.00 – $ 3.00 para reducir la carga financiera de los estudiantes. Añadiremos la cuota de $3 en Power School a aquellos estudiantes que no paguen los $3. Le pedimos su cooperación completamente en ayudarnos a implementar esta política con el fin de establecer y mantener la seguridad y el orden en nuestra escuela.


El PTO está en marcha este año en RHS! Por favor, considere la posibilidad de unirse a este grupo altamente comprometido de los padres. Para unirse a este grupo, registrese en este enlace: http://bit.ly/2mcBCip

Le agradecemos que nos haya confiado la responsabilidad de educar a su hijo y esperamos verle.

Lourenco Garcia
Dr. Lourenço Garcia, Director



Parent-Teacher Conference Night – November 15th, from 4:00 -6:00 p.m.

Dear Parent/Guardian:

It is difficult to believe that we are already in November and that the school year 2016-2017, which started just two months ago is already taking us into the first Parent-Teacher Conference Night. As incredible as this may     sound, the current academic year is evolving rapidly and on Tuesday, November 15th, from 4:00 -6:00 p.m., we will be holding our first Parent Teacher Conference Night of the year!

Click link for more information: Parent Conference Invitation


RHS Senior Parent Info Session

Thursday Oct. 20th


RHS East Wing Conference Rm.

(enter through the East Wing doors – facing the baseball field)

Topics to be covered:

  • Portfolio (or Capstone) requirement
  • Graduation requirements
  • Upcoming senior events
  • College application information

Pizza and water will be available for $1 to support the Class of 2019. 

Questions – Email Diana Finn –  dfinn@revere.mec.edu

RHS Padre Superior

Sesión informativa

Jueves 20 de Oct.6-8 pm

RHS ala este Rm Conferencia.

(Entrar por las puertas de ala este – frente al campo de béisbol)


Los temas a tratar:

• Cartera (o Capstone) requisito

• Requisitos de graduación

• Próximos eventos de alto nivel

• información de la aplicación de la Universidad

Pizza y agua estarán disponibles por $ 1 para apoyar la Clase de 2019.
Preguntas – Email Diana Finn – dfinn@revere.mec.edu




Gold Schools of Opportunity Recognition

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We are pleased to announce Revere High School has received the national Gold Schools of Opportunity recognition.  Our school is one of only 20 public high schools nationwide to be honored for engaging in practices that build on our students’ strengths and create supported learning opportunities for all students; and one of only 8 to receive Gold recognition! 










The National Education Policy Center, based at the University of Colorado Boulder, sponsors the Schools of Opportunity project, which identifies excellent public high schools that actively strive to close opportunity gaps — the differences in opportunities and resources that drive the well-known achievement gaps. 

Revere. Revere High School. The school was awarded The School of Opportunity for all Students award.











Details attached in press release. Read more about our school and our Schools of Opportunity peers on the http://opportunitygap.org/ website.

Lyn Item: http://www.itemlive.com/news/revere-high-gets-national-recognition/



Dr. Garcia, Principal


Meet the Teacher Night – September 8, 2016 from 4:00 to 6:00

Dear Parent/Guardian:

On behalf of the teachers, staff, and administrators, I would like to congratulate you and your child for a seamless transition to another school year. Both our parent orientation night and school opening activities were faultless. Our entire professional learning community worked diligently toward ensuring that your child received the assistance needed for a meaningful transition to school. I am pleased to report that this year with the help of our dedicated teachers, administrators, and students we were able to organize and implement a successful freshman orientation day to support our incoming 9th graders in our school.

In our continued efforts to improve communication with you, to maintain transparency and build healthy relationships, and to keep you informed about our day-to-day operations, we would like to invite you to attend our Meet the Teacher Night event scheduled on Thursday, September 8, 2016 from 4:00 to 6:00

For more information please click the link below.
Meet_the Teacher_Night_Letter


Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation August 29, 2016
First Day of School at RHS
Freshman report by 8:00 A.M.
Delayed opening for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors report by 11:00 to Advisory




Freshman report to Auditorium for Freshman Assistant Principal/Administration Welcome


Part I: Freshman Report to Advisory (Team of 4 teachers assigned to each Advisory – perhaps 2 for each part or 3 for tech set up and 1 for tour supervision) – Half of the advisories will conduct tour of school first while other half does tech set up – determine which advisories do what first by guidance counselor so counselors can easily meet with their assigned advisories)

I. Approx. 60 minutes:

  • Technology Set up. Chromebooks
  • Schoology
  • Meet Guidance counselors
  • Meet Administrative Team

II. Approx. 50 minutes: Student Mentors (# per advisory?)

  • Ice Breaker
  • Tour/Scavenger Hunt/Lockers


Escort to Cafeteria


Freshman report to Cafeteria for brief address from Freshman Assistant Principal and Lunch


Doors open for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors (while Freshman are in cafeteria) to report to Advisory by 11:00


Part II:

First Lunch 10:40-11:10 Freshman
Second Lunch 11:10-11:40 Sophomores
Third Lunch 11:40-12:10 Juniors
Fourth Lunch 12:10-12:40 Seniors


During Advisory Lunch block, all advisories will have lunch (30 minutes) and time for a welcome back gathering and first day of school paperwork (70 minutes).  Perhaps opportunity to grab seniors for a class meeting/college information and/or other grades.  Freshman will have more time during this block because of early lunch.



Part III:

Period 1*       (Semester Schedule, Grades, and Attendance)


Period 2*       (Intro to Graduation Requirements)


Period 3*       (Academic Expectations & SCL)


Period 4* #    (Clubs and Sports)


* Freshman classes will receive 4 different presentations on assigned topics, while all other classes will be regular first day


# time for end of the day announcements


Parent Orientation Night

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Revere High School! As your child begins to make his or her transition to RHS, we want to remind you  that we  all, including teachers,  staff, upper  grade  level students,  and  administrators  will  also be transitioning as well, as it will take time for us to learn about your child and find ways to help him/her adjust  and  continue to  grow academically,  socially, and  emotionally.

At RHS, we consider parents and families important partners in ensuring their child's success. As partners, we look forward to building relationships with you to help you learn more about RHS and get you involved in supporting the numerous programs and services RHS has to offer!

Parents, legal guardians, and families of incoming freshmen and transfer students to Revere High School, during the 2016-2017 academic year, are informed that this year's Parent Orientation Night will take  place on August 24th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the school auditorium. If possible, please bring an electronic device, i.e. a smartphone, iPad, etc. to easily share information with administration. Prior to this evening, please follow the appropriate link to share any questions you hope to have answered that night. (www.bit.ly/ParentArabic, or www.bit.ly/ParSpanish, or www.bit.ly/ParPortuguese, or www.bit.ly/ParentEnglish)

Click link here for more information.




Dear Parent/Guardian,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that starting with the 2016-2017 school year Revere High School will be transitioning from iPads to Chromebooks. This decision has been based on teacher and student feedback and other findings which found Chromebooks to be more user-friendly, affordable, operational, and distraction-free. Consequently, depending on your child’s grade level, he/she is scheduled to receive a Chromebook in the RHS Field House from August 16 through August 19, 2016. In order to receive the Chromebook, you and your child are required to sign the Parent/Guardian Authorization for Students to take an Chromebook Home and the Student Pledge for Chromebook that describe the terms and conditions of Chromebook usage.

In order to ensure a smooth and seamless distribution process, we have developed the following pickup schedule based upon your child’ s grade level.

Grades 9 & 12   August 16, 2016 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Grades 10 & 11 August 17, 2016 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Grades 9 & 12   August 18, 2016 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Grades 10 & 11 August 19, 2016 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Please click link for more information:ChromebookPacket16-17