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Innovation School

Firefighter Jim Collins from Engine 2 in Everett, educating our students on fire safety.

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Pumpkin Contest 2014 

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Word of the Week

design - to make drawings, sketches or plans


Oct 27th  – Grade 5 Parent Breakfast 8:30 AM 

                 – Kindergarten Parents – Raising A Reader Meeting at 2:05 pm

Oct 31st  – Character Day Parade – 1 pm

Reminder: When visiting our school you must present a

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Paul Revere School Calendar-2014 – 2015

Calendar Notice 2014 – 2015

* PARCC Special Education Accommodations Parent Letter *

PARCC SPED Rev (English)

PARCC SPED parent ltr SP (Spanish)

Street Sweeping will begin on April 1st – November 30th
Illegally parked cars will be towed so check the signs on the street to see the appropriate date.

Street Sweeping Schedule
unless otherwise noted

Even side of street is done during first assigned week of the month
Odd side of the street is done during second assigned week of the month

Bosson St 3rd & 4th Wednesday

Cleveland St 3rd & 4th Wednesday

Fairfield St 3rd & 4th Wednesday

Friend St (Harry Della Russo Way) 3rd & 4th Wednesday

McKinley St 3rd & 4th Wednesday

Roosevelt St 3rd & 4th Wednesday

Washington St 3rd & 4th Wednesday

Thank You Mayor Rizzo for Sharing in Our Read Across America Celebration! Hope you enjoyed the Green Eggs and Ham!

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Storybook Character Winners

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CHECK OUT 1st Graders using iPads in the classroom!

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