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Classes: AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and Anatomy/Physiology

Room # C13

email: deatough@revere.mec.edu

Phone: 781-286-8220 X51227

The instinctive bond between man, homo sapiens, and all living beings and systems may or may not be rooted in our genes. This concept is called biophilia by the great scientist E. O. Wilson. Minimally, this bond is woven in my neural networks and those of like minded people. My love of nature is evident every time I walk along the intertidal zone, look at a microscope slide, or manipulate the genome of bacteria. My goal as an educator is to foster in my students a similar passion and empathy for life. It’s my sincere hope that they come to value nature at all structural levels and become stewards for our natural resources. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil,” wrote Edmund Burke, “is for good people to do nothing”. Hopefully my students will become the enlightened leaders of the future. I hope, through research, they answer critical questions about human health and minimize suffering. I hope they can stop the currently expanding environmental damage caused by human activities and potentially reverse it for future generations. I hope they do nothing less than triumph over evil and ignorance.