The Revere Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI)

What is PLTI?
Is a civic leadership initiative. PLTI teaches parents who want to improve the lifelong health, safety and learning of  children, how to become change agents for the next generation.

Parent Leaders are offered 20 weeks of training built on interactive adult learning practices.

  1. A retreat to develop group and define mission;

2. A 10 week course on building  a community of parent leaders; and

3. A 10 week course on engaging systems within a community framework.


Goals of PLTI:
1. Help parents become the leaders they would like to be for children;
2. Expand the capacity of parents as change agents for children;
3. Teach parents the tenets of democracy and their rights to utilize the civic process;
4. Develop supportive communities of parents that will support one another in both their skills
development and successful parent action for children;
5. Develop supportive communities of parents within parent-driven institutions such as Head Start and
Title I programs;
6. Facilitate parents’ capacity to offer input into community efforts on school, the neighborhood,
town, regional and state level;
7. Facilitate systems change within public institutions that serve children that leads to purposeful
parent engagement;
8. Increase parent-child interactions and quality children’s programs through parent involvement.