Website Suggestions

Website Suggestions

Paul Amato - 5/17/2017 4:30:06 PM

If you have any suggestions that may make our website better, please feel free to comment below.*

Thank you,
The RPS Web Team

*Please allow several hours for posts to appear on this page.


INGRID REYES on 8/22/2017 7:37:29 PM

I am so happy how they changed the website, now is so much easier to reach information and application, special when someone is new. Thanks for the effort, this will help the diverted community. Thank you so much.

Evelyn Cabrera on 8/19/2017 12:37:09 PM

Nice new newsite. On the link related to Staff/Faculty I think it would be helpful to include the see the grade level each member teaches. Also, I can't find the school supplies list. Anywhere this is available online? Thank you.

Donna on 8/15/2017 7:34:38 PM

I cannot locate the contact information, including the phone numbers for the Central administration, the Superintendent's office and Director of Special Education

Dawn Woodman on 8/8/2017 10:58:24 PM

I went on the site to find out staff information at the high school. It just says teacher, not subject. It would be helpful to know what subject they teach. I also can not find out who the 504 coordinator is. So I think additional information would be helpful.

Lisa on 7/27/2017 7:56:42 PM

I just sent Mr Moscia an email regarding the calendar info for Hill School not correct or user friendly. Then searching thru the site I found this page. Please correct the calendar for Hill to show Hill dates not complete school dates. Confusion was start of school. Calendar on Hill shows 28 and Hill starts 21. The calendar on the Hill page should only be for Hill if you want us to stick to the specific school page. I was only able to confirm date by messaging a teacher and finally searching thru the site I found a sentance stating 1st day is 21st. I was very close to changing our vacation plans thinking it changed to 28th. Can you imagine coming back home to find my child missed the 1st day of school because of the calendar? Is there a way to combine all the calendars for Hill? Last year they would come home with 3 different calendars. Breakfast/lunch activities for month and one that usually had 1/2 days and vacations marked. If these were all on this site I never found it. Thanks for your time and look forward to a more user friendly page.

RPS Web Team on 7/25/2017 9:45:48 PM

Telephone numbers for all Schools can be found at the bottom of their homepages. We are working on the phone number being more easily accessible.

RPS Web Team on 7/25/2017 9:43:35 PM

PowerSchool parent portal is the place to view schedules and which teachers a student will have in the coming year. Usually schedules of all grades are not posted until late August.

Charlotte Osgood on 7/24/2017 2:29:04 PM

There is no phone number, that is easily found anyway to get in touch with the early childhood office. There is also no link to the early childhood website. Instead it shows info on adult learning

Michelle on 7/23/2017 5:29:47 PM

Was wondering if you can order school uniform for the Lincoln School like sweat pants and top? Is it still required to wear uniforms?

Confused on 7/20/2017 5:46:17 PM

There is no phone number to contact the school. If there is, it is not easily visible. You should post the number on the home screen.

Jeannie on 7/20/2017 4:26:30 PM

I am not able to find RHS teachers that my boys are going to have the next semester. Would like to are what's up the coming new school year. Thank you.

RPS Web Team on 7/20/2017 1:49:01 PM

There will be a lot of changes coming up in the next few weeks before school begins. We are taking each comment into consideration and making any changes that are possible within this current new system.

RPS Web Team on 7/20/2017 1:46:35 PM

Hi, School staff can be found at each school site. Please find the Quick Links on the right of the school homepage and choose the staff link. If you do not fill out any of options on the form you will see the current staff for that school.

Jeanne on 7/20/2017 1:24:28 PM

Can't find any important info on web site. Teachers at RHS?

Jeannie on 7/20/2017 12:57:27 PM

Where can I find the high school teachers for the coming school year?

Lord Voldemort on 7/12/2017 9:34:24 PM

I think we should have a list of school supplies we will need in Middle school.

anonymous on 7/6/2017 3:57:22 PM

Hi, where is the information about the RPS administrators? Like Superintended, Asst. Superintended and principals? It's not easy to find. Perhaps add an "administrators" or "school leadership tab" anonymous

Melissa Minasian on 7/5/2017 5:20:37 PM

Why is there nothing about the transition program for the high school on the website?

Marisa Hurley on 6/30/2017 6:44:47 PM

Greetings ! I'm a mother of three Hill elementary school students . I was looking through the new website and like I did with the old one I always go to the school photo gallery page . But with this new website I couldn't see any page or picture . What happen with the photo page ?

Joanne Willett on 6/30/2017 1:44:53 AM

I really miss having the "bulleting board" feature on the school website. Parents/Guardians could easily see the latest news as soon as they logged onto the school site - for example I would often post the text from automated calls; announcements of special non-uniform days; info about upcoming events; pictures of school events / students of the month--- the latest news was "right there" for parents and the community to see. I noticed an SBA parent made a realted comment below on 5/31 - I have had several parents call with the same comment/concern/request.

The RPS Web Team on 6/29/2017 5:15:17 PM

Thanks for the comments so far. We are looking into each comment and will be making changes where we can over the summer.

LeeAnne on 6/23/2017 2:23:48 AM

I personally liked to be able to look up the teachers that my child could have for the following year. We liked to see which teachers taught what grade and what subject. There used to be a section with all the pictures of each teacher with all that info. Now if you don't know the name you really can't look them up. You can get a complete list if you hit "submit" but it doesn't give you any info. Not super important, but we did like that.

Sam on 6/22/2017 10:51:35 PM

The athletics portion of the site needs more work. It should link you to the different sports teams offered, at least at the high school level. It should provide information about the coaches and maybe a little short bit about the teams, i.e, recent records, news, etc. Believe it or not but sports, not just academics, is a big part of growing up in Revere.

Michelle roberts on 6/21/2017 2:46:11 AM

Please post RHS. Summer reading list. Thank you

Lisandra Santiago on 6/20/2017 8:41:27 PM

I would like to have a comment but I don't know if this is the right place to do it. Is something that I really concerned about the school and I'm so sorry .

Ashley Martinez on 6/20/2017 5:27:38 PM

This website is great , very helpful .

H on 6/20/2017 5:14:02 PM

It will be great to change the logo of our school. You should add different after school programs we have in our school.

GC on 6/20/2017 5:13:21 PM

Suggestion for this website would be modifing the logo to be able to capture what the revere public schools really is.

K.C on 6/20/2017 5:13:15 PM

Please change your logo. The design is confusing and takes attention away from the rest of the website.

NN on 6/20/2017 5:13:10 PM

I think the whole layout of the website could be more visual appealing, which includes the logo.

Emely on 6/20/2017 5:12:16 PM

The logo has too many elements to it. Maybe another one would be better

David on 6/20/2017 5:11:46 PM

I really like the new and improved Revere Public School website. I believe it looks a lot more clean and organized. If I were to suggest something it would be to refine the logo on the top left of the screen. All in all good job on the website, it's a very well developed piece of work.

Sebastian Sanchez on 6/20/2017 5:11:22 PM

Add school names and its students.... And also That we could see our grades there

TN on 6/20/2017 5:10:24 PM

The logo is not my taste, it looks very confusing and I feel like it should be a lot more simple so we can capture what our school is about.

William Huynh on 6/20/2017 5:09:27 PM

On the blog/site, what kind of announcements can we expect? Could potential snow days or early release days be expected to be announced here? Where could one find opportunities for community service on this website?

Alejandro Zuleta on 6/20/2017 5:05:38 PM

i very much like the new and improved Revere Public school website. I like that there is a new variety in colors and everything is very easy to find. Possibly more specifics in sports and phone numbers.

Eric Meza-Ubeda on 6/20/2017 5:03:21 PM

I feel like adding more pictures of the students with teachers and even the families to give that extra boost of connective of the people and the city

Jonathan Calderon on 6/20/2017 2:20:19 PM

This school is very helpful for real life situations. It could even get you into college and have a nice career if you are interested in it. Everybody should be safe a learning every day in order to become a very successful person in life and have so much to do because it is fun to do work and show how much you can improve and accomplish. Come to school and enjoy it as long as you can while it last!

RPS Web Team on 6/20/2017 2:18:08 PM

Thanks for the comments so far. We are looking into each comment and will be making changes where we can over the summer.

Jessica Simonelli on 6/20/2017 2:16:33 PM

Think the website is good.

Joshua thomson on 6/20/2017 2:15:08 PM

Like the new layout and the new web site

NM on 6/20/2017 1:37:35 PM

RPS after school site needs to be updated with Alpha-best information.

Donna Nugent on 6/19/2017 11:19:09 PM

Please post the Summer Reading lists for all grades. Quite important. Thank you

n/a on 6/7/2017 3:16:40 PM

where is the phone number for the supers office?

Jennifer on 5/31/2017 11:16:28 PM

What happened to the Susan B Anthony Middle School web site ? Please bring it back. It's how parents got their news.

:-) on 5/25/2017 7:32:18 PM

Add the salary schedule under the "Employment" tab so people who are looking to work in the district can compare how we pay compared to other districts.

Charlotte on 5/23/2017 10:16:55 AM

I don't think there is a page because i haven't found it, but a page listing high school sports and info on games as well as sign up dates would be great

=) on 5/19/2017 5:15:39 PM

Anything posted as a PDF does not work under translation. Might be useful to post these documents in several languages

WG on 5/18/2017 7:27:36 PM

Will there be links to the district and school improvement plans? Thanks for all your efforts with this!

JB on 5/18/2017 4:45:14 PM

I couldn't find a phone number anywhere. At least main lines (if not individual extensions) would be helpful.

Susan Cataldo on 5/18/2017 2:04:59 PM

When the secretaries have to enter items in the calendar section of the website, it is in a line by line item view. Is there any way for it to be in a calendar view when entering items. I noticed when entering the line items that if there are too many items, it does not show the items listed unless you close out and go to the calendar view. It involves too much back and forth. Thanks for the consideration.

ME on 5/18/2017 1:58:42 PM

Add widgets to link to social media accounts for district, schools, departments, staff. Relocate quick links so that it doesn't overlap images Try using icons paired with text to ease navigation and reduce clutter of too much text. CPS is a nice reference Try a different font with a bit more spacing between letters. Main page header is small and cramped. Also when translated to Arabic it is extremely small. Revamp color usage and update graphics *color is full saturation which appears harsh/dated. Instead of "Welcome to Our School" personalize it for each school. Have department drop down have a link to each department in the district. This will eliminate curriculum link and put that information on the department page and then from there it can link to elementary, middle, high school or to specific schools. It will be easier to navigate and can showcase work and potential images better.

NM on 5/17/2017 10:46:29 PM

There are some missing links on the athletic pages - unable to get to specific sports.