The Revere Early Childhood program philosophy is based on developmentally appropriate practices. By this, we mean that each child learns in his/her own individual way and at his/her own pace. Our priority is the child. Our intent is to provide all children with a developmentally appropriate environment that encourages personal growth. Each child is viewed as a unique person with an individual pattern of timing and growth. Curriculum and instruction are responsive to individual differences in ability, interests, and learning styles; these differences are expected, accepted, and used to design curriculum. The curriculum features a balance of child-centered and content-oriented activities derived from the child, the community, and society at large.

Learning is viewed as an active process where children explore, discuss, manipulate and communicate with each other and adults in various learning centers and in small and large group activities. As educators, we realize that optimal learning occurs when the curriculum is integrated. Therefore, our intent is to teach the whole child, to utilize all the domains of development ~ physical, social, emotional and cognitive. We realize the importance of developing in children a positive self-image and peer group relations. Each child's strengths and resources are emphasized and respected. Culturally and socially-relevant instruction is used to foster cooperative relationships among children and to develop important social skills.