Student Links

Access Fastt Math at home using the website

Students will use their 5 digit student identification number for their login and password.  

Lexia: Students use their 5 digit ID to Log in.

Straightforward computation flash cards are generated by this site. The site works well both for basic skills remediation and, using the optional timer, as an enrichment activity for students interested in testing their mental math speed.

Topics include science, nature, animals, technology, history, adventure, exploration, up-to-minute sciece news and real life international expeditions.

This is a site "dedicated to answering any grammar, composition, research or formatting question." You can research specific grammatical terms but cannot submit writing samples. Links to other grammar-related sites are given. This is a good reference site for students due to its basic setup.

For students in K-2 to work on their reading and math skills through a variety of songs, interactive games, and activities.

Waltke's Web

Link to the Scott Foresman Reading Street program used in school.