MCAS Testing Prep

Road Rules for taking the MCAS Test

Test-Taking Tips to Steer Your Child In the Right Direction


Know the Road


Knowing what to expect on test day will help your child approach the test in a calm, confident mood instead of in a panic.



No Memorization Zone


The MCAS English Language Arts test requires no memorization. Tell your child to read to understand, not to memorize.



Math and Science Section Ahead


Do not let your child lose points by working problems in their head. Make sure they write all their work down on the test.



Do Not Stop


Do not stop until every question has been answered.



Process of Elimination


Use common sense to eliminate obvious wrong choices so as to increase your chances of picking the right one.



Writing Test


There will be a long composition that will be administered this year. It will be given to all fourth graders. Tell your child to expect anything and to do their best.