FASTT Math is a web-based program recently purchased for all Grade 2-5 students at the Hill Elementary School.  It provides students with an opportunity for additional fact practice.  The “FASTT” in FASTT Math stands for “Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology.”  Based on research about how information goes from working memory to long term memory and on knowledge of how children develop fluency with basic math facts, FASTT Math is proving to be a great program for students.

The program begins with an assessment that determines which facts are “Fast Facts” (the ones your child can respond correctly in less than a second) and which are “Study Facts” (ones he or she responds to slowly, or incorrectly). Over time, the program will provide instruction and practice to help your child systematically learn all the facts in the Fact Grid. It will provide students with extra practice on small groups of facts called “Focus Facts” to help students develop the ability to recall those facts quickly from memory. This will give your child a solid foundation for more complex mathematical skills and concepts. 

Access Fastt Math at home using the website

Students will use their 5 digit student identification number for their login and password.