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Lexia Core 5 is a reading program for students in Grades K-2.


Students will need their teacher's email address (if you are not sure- you can locate teacher's email on the Staff page) and student ID number to log on (student ID number is their user name and password). Lexia Core 5 can be done on a home computer, lap top, or smart device (ie iPhone or iPad). 



KidBiz3000® is the powerful, proven, differentiated online literacy instruction solution for grades 2-5 that reaches every student at his or her Lexile®/reading level. It’s the only solution that delivers truly differentiated reading and writing assignments — using high-quality, non-fiction content based on each student’s reading level – and that automatically adapts content via ongoing, real-time Lexile assessment.


Achieve 3000 is a web based program for students in grades 3-5. Students can log in using their user name and passwords from a home computer or smart device. 

Fastt Math pic

FASTT Math is  for students in grades 2-5, both those who are accelerating their acquisition of math facts as well as those who are struggling to catch up. FASTT Math’s adaptive technology creates an individualized learning progression for every student, and embedded assessment ensures math fact mastery.


Footsteps 2 Brilliance is our online reading program for our Early Childhood program. Footsteps offers a number of online books in English and in Spanish with educational games. 


typing club

Typing Club is a self pace typing program with 100 keyboard skills lessons. Students in grades 3-5 have accounts, however, students in other grades can create their own accounts. 

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