Beachmont Student Showcase

Beachmont School Celebrates Hispanic Hertiage Month 


Grade 5 Hispanic American Biography Chatterpix Project

Students in Grade Five picked a famous Hispanic American to research and created a talking picture using the app Chatterpix


Grade Four Haunted Spheros

Grade 4 worked together to create a personality for our jack o'lanterns. Students used Sphero EDU app to write a program a personality program using lights and sounds. They then sync the app to the Spheros to make the jack o'lanterns haunted.

Beachmont School Vocabulary Parade 2017

Beachmont Vocabulary Parade 2017- Student word share. Students share out some of their creative and powerful words. 


Congrats to the Beachmont Top Three Spellers: Achraf, John, and Rana

Beachmont School Wide Spelling Bee Contestants

After twenty seven words of intense competition, Achraf M will be representing Beachmont in the regional Scripps Spelling Bee this winter. 

Beachmont's Top Three Spellers