Paul Revere Administration

Mrs. Kelly, principal

Principal: Barbara Kelly

Phone: 781-286-8278         Fax: 781-286-8279

Mrs. Kelly has been the principal of the Paul Revere Innovation School for eight years and has over 35 years of experience in education. Mrs. Kelly has earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s of Education from Salem State University. She attended Revere Public Schools and is a proud graduate of Revere High School. She believes that students, teachers and parents working together influences and impacts student growth.

Mrs. Quirk, Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal: Bianca Quirk

Phone: 781-286-8278         Fax: 781-286-8279

Mrs. Bianca Quirk is the Assistant Principal at the Paul Revere Elementary School.  Mrs. Quirk holds a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Boston College and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Salem State University.  She is in her 20th year as an educator in the Revere Public Schools and has worked as a classroom teacher, a math coach and now as a building administrator.  Additionally, Mrs. Quirk is a proud graduate of the Revere Public Schools and is proud to work in the community where she grew up.   

Administrative Assistant: Susan Cataldo

Susan Cataldo has been the Administrative Assistant at the Paul Revere Innovation School since 2013. She began working in the Revere Public Schools in 2006 at the Beachmont Veterans Memorial School.  She has attended the Revere Public Schools starting at the Max Achenbach, Henry Waite, William McKinley and finally graduating Revere High School.  She is a lifelong resident of Revere.

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A Message from Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Quirk:

To all Paul Revere Families:

Research shows that one of the most important factors that affect a child's performance in school is parental involvement. All too often, parents assume that just sending their children to school and looking at their report cards is enough. Not true! Parents play a crucial role in the success of their children. Your children come to this school and we welcome them each day because this is what we are all about.  We would welcome your involvement in this school with as much enthusiasm – and with a grateful heart as well.  We need you, and we need you now.  How about it?  Want to get involved? Just stop by fill out a CORI form and together we will succeed.

Barbara Kelly & Bianca Quirk