SeaCoast Administration

Welcome to SeaCoast High School

A small school tailored to support each of our student’s individual academic and social needs, SeaCoast High School offers Revere’s most at risk students, who have struggled in a large high school setting, a pathway to achieve success in school and beyond. With class sizes of less than 10 students, and opportunities to earn credits online during and after the school day, students are given the attention and flexibility they need to develop and learn. 

Upon arrival, each student at SeaCoast is connected with an advisor who recognizes the student’s unique experiences and learning needs. Our teachers work alongside their students every step of the way in building positive learning and working habits. 

An equal focus is given to academic and emotional growth. With classes tailored to each student’s specific needs and a flexible schedule that enables students to learn in school, online, and over the summer, students are given every opportunity to earn the credits they need to graduate and succeed. Our teachers build positive relationshipswith each of their students and promote healthy social and emotional learning habits.

At SeaCoast, we help students discover themselves, and build the self-esteem and confidence they need to graduate high school and succeed in a career and in life.

Steven Magno

Steven Magno- SeaCoast Principal


Stacey Livote

Stacey Livote- SeaCoast Assistant Principal


Karen Oldoni

Karen Oldoni- SeaCoast Administrative Assistant