PALs Mentoring Program

PALs (Personal Achievement Links) Peer Mentor Program! The PALs is a volunteer program that pairs freshman with successful upperclassman to help them navigate their way through the first year of high school and beyond, both academically and socially… Mentees receive valuable skills to get connected to school and peers, improve academics, self-efficacy and relationships. Mentors receive valuable skills such as leadership, connecting students to school and culture, enhancing communication, and strengthening relationships.

FLYER English PALs Mentor Program

I believe that the mentoring pal program has been extremely beneficial for both mentees and mentors. Mentees are allowed the opportunity to work with someone slightly older that can help them achieve their academic standards. Along with help in school related matters, the mentees gain someone they can confide in that will provide them with useful advice. A lot of the time the advice given is on going to college to pursue a career they may be interested in. For the mentors, it teaches patience. Dealing with younger teenagers may be challenging at times, but the overall goal is to help them to the best of our abilities. Also for someone like myself who plans to be a teacher in the future, I receive valuable skills such as leadership.

The mentor/mentees program is a club that has made me learn many personal qualities to withhold. That is, patience, determination, and friendship. We as mentors have been given the chance to work with kids who need guidance from someone who can also be referred as their friend. Working with the mentees the first week or so can be nerve wrecking because we don’t know each other but after we get comfortable we have a bond that no one could have imagined. The mentors are determined to assist these mentees in succeeding academically and socially. By building friendships with them we are helping them to be more open socially and by meeting up with them for at least 5 hours a month we can guide them with any assisting it may be academically. This program has brought a lot of people together and I would recommend more students to participate in the PALs mentoring program.

As a student who participates in our high school robotics team being mentored by engineers sparked my curiosity, as to what it would feel like to guide a student towards bigger goals and help teach them the different perspectives that can be taken of high school. The trip to The Museum of Science was a great opportunity to be introduced to our Mentee. Future trips like these could give us a better visualization of what our Mentees interests are and help us provide them with local clubs or programs that could further deepen their knowledge over their interest.

This program is good thing. Since the beginning of semester 1 I was not in a good shape in grades but after I was involved in this problem I was increasing and my learning skills were higher. This is a great experience for those students how need push from an upper class men. It shows improvement from before the program and while program is in progress. It also is a way for those freshmen that are shy and don’t get into clubs or anything, it helps them get involve and with other people.