Graduation Requirements

Revere High School Graduation Requirements In order to receive a diploma from Revere High School, students must successfully complete 28 course credits. CLASS OF 2015 and beyond (8 additional course opportunities) 4 Year Block Schedule Requirements GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS:

English 10 Quarters 5 Credits (English 9-11, Senior Seminar

Math 12 Quarters 6 Credits *(Int. Math 1-2, AMDM or FST)


Science 8 Quarters 4 Credits *(Biology, Chemistry & Physics, 3 Credit with Director Approval)

History 7 Quarters 3.5 Credits *(US History 1-2, World History & Civics)


Foreign Language 4 quarters 2 credits

Physical Ed/Wellness 2 quarters 1 credit

Advisory Pass/Fail

Community Service 26 Hours


Core Distribution Requirements 21.5 Carnegie Credits Additional Elective Requirements 6.5 Credits Total Credits Required for Graduation 28 Credits

Students must be enrolled in a total of 8 credits (16 quarters) each year.


Revere High School
Promotion Minimums:
·Freshman: Must have a minimum 6 Carnegie Credits in order to be promoted to sophomore year.
·Sophomore: Must have earned 12 Carnegie Credits in order to be promoted to junior year.
·Junior: Must have earned a minimum of 20 Carnegie Credits and not failed more than one year of English in order to be promoted to the Senior Year.
Seniors must complete all RHS graduation requirements and pass the MCAS to receive a diploma. Seniors satisfying RHS graduation requirements but who have not passed MCAS will receive a certificate of attainment.

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC): Students have the option to take the JROTC training class in lieu of Physical Education/Wellness (PE/W) in order to meet the graduation requirement or a combination of these two classes by having JROTC as an elective class. In order to satisfy the PE/W graduation requirement, students must remain in the JROTC program for at least two years.
Physical Education Waiver Policy: Senior students in good academic standing who are currently participating in at least two (2) interscholastic sport seasons in school may be granted a waiver for their second quarter of physical education requirement. (*) The purpose of this policy is to expand access and opportunity for students to participate in approved rigorous courses. (*)- Students seeking this waiver must submit a physical education waiver contract to their respective guidance counselor, signed by their coaches, athletic director, guidance counselor, assistant/vice principal, parent and student verifying completion of this requirement. Note: Physical education waiver forms are available for pickup in the guidance counselor’s office and completed forms will be due when finalized class selection is completed.