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Welcome to Rumney Marsh Academy!


At the Rumney Marsh Academy, we aim to educate the whole student, empowering our kids to grow both academically and socially during their crucial middle school tenure.  Driven by a Growth Mindset, we recognize that mistakes and setbacks can often serve as the most valuable aspects of the learning process.  As such, our teachers work with each student personally in developing resilience in the face of academic or social adversity.

On a daily basis, our students are supported and encouraged to take risks during the learning process. Using best practices for academic and social development, educators create lessons that ask students to explore and expand their knowledge, take responsible risks, and develop solutions to challenges.  Students are given voice and choice in using various forms of technology, including PCs, IPads, IMacs, video, and audio in order to advance and demonstrate their learning.

At the RMA, we engage each and every student in their learning experience and provide opportunities engage in collaborative and independent work.  Our Support Staff, comprised of a guidance counselor, two social workers, and school nurse, regularly communicate with our teaching staff to ensure that our students receive unwavering social and emotional support.  With our staff’s guidance, encouragement, and support, RMA students are able to gain confidence, build skills, and develop characteristics that will enable them to grow into leaders of our community.

We firmly believe that family engagement is a crucial component of the learning process.  As such, we communicate with families on a regular basis and often host workshops that provide helpful support in working with adolescent students.  The bridge between home and school serves as a critical aspect of our program, particularly in terms of promoting students’ academic and personal growth.  The core values developed at the RMA aim to have a lasting impact on students’ work in their secondary schooling, careers, and community.




Our RMA Principal


     Dr. Gallucci is the Principal of the Rumney Marsh Academy.  Dr. Gallucci has earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts at Boston, a Master’s of Business Administration from Suffolk University, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from Salem State College, and a Doctorate of Philosophy from the Urban Education, Leadership and Policies Study Program at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Dr. Gallucci is a lifelong member of the Revere community, having graduated from Revere High School in 1996.  He has worked at all three middle schools in our district, serving as an ELL teacher, ELA teacher, and Literacy Coach before being appointed Principal of the Rumney Marsh Academy in 2013.  Dr. Gallucci believes in the four R’s at the heart of our district, ensuring Rigor and Relevance in our curriculum, while creating positive Relationships that elicit Resilience in our adolescent student population.  Dr. Gallucci is proud to work in his hometown of Revere and is guided by our district’s moral imperative of continuously doing what is best for kids.


To contact Dr. Gallucci with questions and/or concerns, please use the following methods listed below:

PhoneSchool Phone: (781) 388-3500

                   EmailSchool Email: rgallucci@reverek12.org



Our RMA Assistant Principals


     Ms. Daily Ortega is one of our two assistant principals here at the Rumney Marsh Academy. Ms. Daily Ortega worked for Boston Public Schools as a school social worker and later as a Clinical Coordinator for a therapeutic program serving grades 4-8. She moved to the Garfield Elementary School in Revere as a school social worker for four years before joining the Rumney Marsh Academy staff as Assistant Principal. She strives to bridge the gap between home, school and the community by developing positive working relationships with students, families and staff.  It is Ms. Daily Ortega’s goal to hold high expectations while offering necessary supports to best prepare every student for high school and beyond.

To contact Ms. Daily Ortega with questions and/or concerns, please use the following methods listed below:

Phone2School Phone: (781) 388-3500 ext. 57317

      Email2School Email: edailyortega@reverek12.org




     Mr. O'Keefe is one of our two assistant principals here at the Rumney Marsh Academy. He has been a member of the Revere Public Schools for the past eight years as a teacher, coach, and ETL at Revere High School.  Mr. O'Keefe is excited to work with middle school students at RMA on developing the academic, personal, and interpersonal skills necessary for success in the classroom and beyond. He believes strong collaboration amongst families, schools, and community partners is integral in supporting students as they strive to reach their goals.


To contact Mr. O'Keefe with questions and/or concerns, please use the following methods listed below:

Phone3School Phone: (781) 388-3500 ext. 57319

Email3School Email: cokeefe@reverek12.org



Our Administrative Assistant


     Ms. Meriano is our office secretary here at the Rumney Marsh Academy.  Ms. Meriano has served as a substitute teacher and secretary in various schools across our district.  She has been the secretary at the Rumney Marsh Academy since it opened its doors in 2007.  Ms. Meriano provides support for our RMA personnel, students, and families, serving as the primary contact and source for information in our main office.


To contact Ms. Meriano with questions and/or concerns, please use the following methods listed below:

Phone3School Phone: (781) 388-3500 ext. 57307

Email3School Email: AMeriano@reverek12.org